School is around the corner, gotta get ready!

OK all, its that time again, there is a chill in the air, labor day is around the corner and school is almost in session once more.  I do believe it is time to finish any summer projects you began, make a list of things to get done this fall, and get ready for the… Continue reading School is around the corner, gotta get ready!


Getting the lawn done

Its a cold, wet, and all around bleh day.  But someone has to cut the grass, and so it looks like I am the one.

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Thank You Native Winds Software

Yayyy got a response from Native Winds software, they are kind enough to allow me to place their software on a CD for a project I am doing. Here is their link They make one of the best word processors around. Thanks to them, and I hope everyone reading this pays them a visit… Continue reading Thank You Native Winds Software

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Another day and looking for new article to write

I just got done writing an article last night reviewing OrgPlus Business software.  I will post a link to the article when it comes out.  I am searching for something new to write about and I think I found it, I will spend the  next few weeks writing about back to school. Looking for software… Continue reading Another day and looking for new article to write

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Getting serious about things

World blog day is coming in October and this is the third year, and since it has grown so much, they decided to join with  This year they asked me what I wanted the topic to be about, so I gave them my two-cents (man is that all a thought is worth these days?)… Continue reading Getting serious about things


Something to committ too

Ok, all I want to try something new.  I want to try to blog everyday, and have something to say that might be good-bad-or indifferent. The idea is to say something everyday, and see how things go for some time. Josef