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Getting serious about things

World blog day is coming in October and this is the third year, and since it has grown so much, they decided to join with  This year they asked me what I wanted the topic to be about, so I gave them my two-cents (man is that all a thought is worth these days?)

I have a particular affinity for Human Rights, and felt that this year a good topic might be tech and human rights.  The Software Freedom day

In a time when our lives are increasingly dependent on technologies, it is important we take the time to consider the impact of technology on our lives, and the importance of ensuring technology isn’t used to limit us, but rather to take us further along a path of opportunity, innovation and freedom for all people.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1] is a set of basic human rights that most people would agree would be a bare minimum. Not often are our basic rights thought of in the context of technology, but as more and more our lives are dependent on technology, it is a rapidly growing concern. Technologies that matter to our freedom are used in our voting systems, our leisure, our work, education, art and our communication. What does this mean to you? It means that the basic human freedoms you take for granted are only as free as the technologies you use.

I plan on creating cd’s for veterans with as much free software as I can squeeze onto a cd, and get them into the hands of as many vets as I can.  No one can appreciate the issue of freedom as vets can.  That is my project for Software Freedom Day.

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