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Learning to fly, when I cant even crawl with social media,

I am attempting to learn to use social media more effectively, and be able to reach out more to those interested in the things I write about.  I dont know where this is going, but I am hoping to develop a good voice and writing style over the next months and build some kind of stable readership on those topics that I write about.


Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Learning to fly, when I cant even crawl with social media,

  1. I do wish you luck. Social Media can be very rewarding and fun. If you have any questions, just give me a shout @ExtremelyAvg and if I haven’t already written a post answering your question, then I will write one.

    Good Luck

    1. Thank you, I still havent figured out how to incorporate all the things I do, since I write for a newspaper, and am a student, and etc etc etc, so I dont know just yet where to go with things, but I figure if I amat least writing about it, then thats half the battle

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