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A busy few weeks

Sorry for being absent the last couple of weeks, I have been busy with school, and also refining my style as a blogger/twitter-er/facebook social media student.  I have been reading more on how to build a brand, and define/focus my interests to make my content more meaningful, to both my readers, and myself.  I find… Continue reading A busy few weeks


An Alarming New Stimulant “bath salts” (via US Food Safety)

This is a very interesting article, you must read By ABBY GOODNOUGH and KATIE ZEZIMA Dr. Jeffrey J. Narmi could not believe what he was seeing this spring in the emergency room at Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pa.: people arriving so agitated, violent and psychotic that a small army of medical workers was needed… Continue reading An Alarming New Stimulant “bath salts” (via US Food Safety)

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Drowning in Social Media

After a few solid weeks exploring the vast array of social media tools that are available, testing them, playing with them, everything from location based tools like foursquare, and analytics like Klout, and microblogging tools like posterous, and tumblr.  It was an interesting trip, learning about the tools, and finding out what tools work best… Continue reading Drowning in Social Media

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I had a vision today

I was watching youtube today and as I watched a few videos, I began seeing how directly you can connect to people anywhere anytime.  Whether you are a musician, writer, poet, sage or sinner this platform has two sides, personal delivery, the facebooks, twitter, tumblr, posterous, blogger, all these are designed to give one person… Continue reading I had a vision today

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Still sorting the flow of posts and reposting automagically am still learning which way to best set things up so they can move to all the platforms I use with the least amount of intervention from me, this is not organic in any sense of the word.  I imagine a river flowing downstream and along the way there are ports for twitter, facebook,… Continue reading Still sorting the flow of posts and reposting automagically

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The Humble Prayer of a Confederate Soldier | Scott Fillmer found this poem when I was just out of bootcamp, and into my first year being a Marine.  I read this poem a lot, thinking about what it meant, took me a good few years before I started getting the gist of it.  Glad I did! The Prayer “I asked God for strength that… Continue reading The Humble Prayer of a Confederate Soldier | Scott Fillmer

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Playing around some more installed a few more plug ins to make spreading the word a bit easier, and also learned how to categorize the posts to make them searchable as well.  This will make things a bit easier to sort through in the future

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Windows Live Writer

Using a blog editor for a week, and this week its Live Writer, and it does seem to be ok, I am not having a lot of issues with it, and it does connect easily with WordPress.  That makes posting easier, and also makes it more convenient for me to plan, begin and work on… Continue reading Windows Live Writer