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I had a vision today

I was watching youtube today and as I watched a few videos, I began seeing how directly you can connect to people anywhere anytime.  Whether you are a musician, writer, poet, sage or sinner this platform has two sides, personal delivery, the facebooks, twitter, tumblr, posterous, blogger, all these are designed to give one person a voice that connects them to their community, both real life and virtual. 

The other side is content creation and distribution.  Songs, videos, software, novels, comic books, the form the medium takes no longer matters, if its digital then its sharable.

And when they collide it’s a magnificent example of how communication can be instant, like someone discovering a great song and tweeting about it, and liking it on their facebook, and in a matter of hours, everyone they know has heard, fallen for and also retweeted and reposted the song on their accounts and its gone around the world in a few hours.

I find that both totally amazing, and totally humbling, being able to communicate around the world with anyone, anytime.  The power of that means that we can solve world problems, end poverty, bring evil to justice, all this by hitting send.

Think about it, and talk about, then do something about it!

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