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Drowning in Social Media

After a few solid weeks exploring the vast array of social media tools that are available, testing them, playing with them, everything from location based tools like foursquare, and analytics like Klout, and microblogging tools like posterous, and tumblr.  It was an interesting trip, learning about the tools, and finding out what tools work best for me and my goals in having a blog and twittering about the things I find important, and the connections I have made in my journey.

In discovering and playing with these tools, I was well aware I would not be able to incorporate them all into my routine, but that made looking for the right tools all the more important, and fun.  I began looking at how the tools worked together, and the jobs they did, in either informing, educating, or marking my activities both on the internet and in real life.  Tools like stumbleupon, where my interests become food for a list that others can browse, and I can make recommendations about sites I like, or foursquare where I can check-in to real places I frequent and do two things, advertise for them, and leave a record of places ppl who follow me might want to visit, should they ever come to my town.

I am still evaluating what tools I am going to keep and incorporate into my routine, but I will keep you posted on what tools become keepers, and which ones I choose to pass on, and why I made those choices.

Thanks and good night all

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