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A busy few weeks

Sorry for being absent the last couple of weeks, I have been busy with school, and also refining my style as a blogger/twitter-er/facebook social media student.  I have been reading more on how to build a brand, and define/focus my interests to make my content more meaningful, to both my readers, and myself. 

I find this is a particularly hard task, as being a complex person (or so I wish!) I think there are plenty of things I want to talk/rant/complain/ about.  But being focused is a lot harder than it seems.  I mean I have interests in human rights, journalism, technology, open source software development, and implementation,  veterans and veteran issues, the economy, etc etc. 

I am kind of in a fog as to what is the best route to take, do I make one tightly focused beam of content that has the power of a laser behind it, or do I make it a bit more general and become a flashlight, not cutting through things, but more illuminating various things, and reaching a more broad audience.

I would love your comments, and responses to this, I look forward to hearing from you all.



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