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Social media’d out

I have been working now for more than a few months attempting to learn how to be a social media person, and improve my abilities as a social media enthusiast.  But it seems that all I learned in that time, was to follow other peoples ideas and information.  I began looking for influential followers, wondering if they would find me interesting enough to follow back.  They didnt, and then I began to wonder what that meant about who I was, so I went and began using analytics to tell me how much I was worth on the internet, again information dictating my actions.


I am no longer working that way.  I will be me once again, and hope I am interesting enough for those that find me to want to hang out and have some conversations.  I will also follow those I want to follow because their content will be something I am interested in.  I will be finding things I enjoy and believe in to pass along, and my own thoughts about the day’s events, or someone else’s post about certain things.


I want to have fun again, while making sure I do not compromise myself for the sake of increasing traffic, or generating “leads”


I look forward to hearing from you, hope you can give me a nudge here and there when I need it, 🙂



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