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The search for life

It’s been a while since I blogged, and maybe that is a good thing. I have had some major changes in my life, and made some course corrections to it as well.

I was looking for direction, got that, then I was looking for myself, found that, was very very dis-satisfied with what I got, so set out to fix, remodel, remove, gut and then re-construct myself. Well as things go demo, is always harder than you think, and so I am still gutting, trying to get the the most basic me, to begin rebuilding.

I was thinking of making the space I occupy minimalistic, zen like, with nothing but those things essential to being a good, upright, and honest person. That being said, I can tell you there are decades of built up BS I have to scrape away.

It’s taking time, but I find that I enjoy the time, stripping and cleaning out the useless things. I am lighter and happier for it, and I hope those around me can also feel that lightness, and I am less of a burden on them as well.

Think its time to let this post fly and become a part of the InterWebs and someday some 10k year in the future sociologist can find it and try and decipher it, maybe he will think its a reference to drugs or something, who knows?

Talk to you all soon.

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