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Enjoying the lights the nights in NYC

Every night after work I usually stay really late to either walk around or people watch at a park, so many kinds of people in New York. But the most fun comes late at night when I take the train home. So many interesting people all gathering together like some mystical funnel bringing people together that might otherwise never cross paths.

This is where the magic happens, at night when it’s not so busy and peoples minds are a bit tired from a long day, you can see them as they really are. A kind of post modern punk rocker stands to let an elderly lady sit, a group of loud kids suddenly begin dancing in the train car for everyone’s enjoyment. You see a couple with a large suitcase of sandwiches for those homeless who ride the trains at night.

You see a mother and her small daughter eating a late dinner as mommy just got off work and is riding home. I saw a very well dressed and professional looking couple vandalize a train with graffiti one night, and some younger kids who you might think at first glance to be more likely to do that just laugh, seeing the irony themselves.

New York keeps me on my toes, I can never make an assumption here as all the rules are broken here. You find all kinds here and I can’t tell you how cool it is to discover someone from moment to moment. Talk to you soon all!!

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