Election Day Ahead!

Its almost time, tomorrow from beginning to end will be a day filled with prophecies, soothsayers, oracles and fools all trying to get me to pick one of two individuals to rule the land.  I am not looking forward to this, there will be many, many hours of wasted moments as their followers try to convince me of their champions worth.  I would like to have some peace from the noise that is their banter, of bards singing of victories both real and imagined.  Of trolls and goblins spewing half truths and flat out lies, all to make their man the better one.

I wonder what can be built from the gold spent on spectacle?  How much further would that gold go, if to that Evil Sandy’s victims it went?  I wonder if they even thought about that for a minute, that millions for ads, was just not worth it, that maybe it was better to spend it making things better, if even for a day or two.  I can see who really cares, by the actions and not the wares, and not smiles that have been practiced in a mirror, asking who is the fairest of them all.

I think about tomorrow, and what I want to see, is the sky blue and bright, all day and into the night, not a moment wasted thinking about a pair of fools, who cannot for a moment stop a race, and slow their pace to demonstrate their humanity.

I am not advocating any candidate, I am merely speaking my mind, I see things a bit differently, and this is just the way I see things.

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