Something to Consider

If science says it cannot prevent psychosis, and there isnt enough money to lock up the convicted criminals AND the potential criminals and nutjobs out there, then what are we to do? In the old days, the “cold War” days there was a theory about mutually assured destruction, meaning that governments made sure they had enough bombs to blow away their enemies, and they made sure their enemies knew that as well.

I wonder if that is what some out there mean about  if everyone had guns, I mean I wonder what the crucifixion would have looked like if everyone had guns? Would it have been the original OK Corral?

Would that have been a different story? Would having everyone armed change the way we interact with one another?  Would knowing you had one hand on your gun when we shook hands for the first time change the way I saw you?  Would it make being a community harder, would you think twice before scolding someone else’s child?  I remember when I was a kid, all the moms on the block could yell and scold you, they commanded respect from all the kids, now a-days everyone is afraid to tell kids anything, for fear of lawsuits, retaliation or some politically correct law to affect them in a negative way.

And what about those who, in a free and democratic state choose to not own a gun, would that make them weird because they chose to not own one? Would we have to “keep an eye on them weirdos”?

I am not advocating gun control, or increased gun ownership, I am simply wondering what happens to those who come out with both hands open, not in fists, but open to offer a hug,  help carry something, or just generally be nice in case your hands are full, no matter with what that may be.

I wonder what it means to others that I don’t own any guns, and I am neither more afraid or less afraid of the world than I was before last week. I wonder what that means to others if I do not run out and get a gun to protect myself, if I already feel protected by my faith and know that nothing happens to me that is not meant to happen to me.

I wonder what happens to us all, when we cease being spiritual beings having a physical experience and begin thinking that the physical experience is more important, and then begin to defend and protect that physical existence?  What happens when we value things over people, and we forget that a soul, any and all souls are more valuable than anything on this planet?

What happens when those we love and care for become another “thing” that is “ours” to protect, something we own, and not someone we are sharing a life with, be it as friends, lovers, married couple, children and parents, when one thinks of the other one as something they own and because they own it they have a vested interest in “protecting” “it”/them

Before I forget, as I said before I am neither for nor against gun control, I am for human control, and by that I mean I am for controlling myself, because in the end that is the only human I can ever really control.  I choose my behavior, I choose my actions, I choose to leave both hands open and free to shake a hand, to till earth, to help someone else, I choose to believe that in every one of us, there is infinite good, and I choose to find it in myself and look for it in others, because I think that is the most important thing I can do, I can choose to see the light in everyone, because I have seen their darkness, I have seen my darkness, and I choose to see the light from now on, I choose to be light from now on, I choose to shine and extinguish the darkness within myself, and in doing so, maybe, just maybe I can be a light for someone else who might want it too.

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