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Mustang Club of Orange County New York

The Mustang Club of Orange County is an organization of avid collectors and enthusiasts, that is a chapter in the Mustang Club of America.

According to Hemming’s Daily, in 1976, the Mustang Club of America was born, and since its inception has grown to more than 190 chapters around the world, with thousands of members worldwide as well. It’s a club for enthusiasts, who love not just the Mustang, but all classic cars and trucks.  In Orange County, New York, there is a chapter, and they are regulars on the County’s roads and in local events.

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Classic Ford Mustang, the owner spent three years restoring it, including finding the custom paint used.  Photo by Jose Rivera

There is no requirement to own a Ford Mustang to be part of the club, just an appreciation for Mustangs and other kinds of muscle cars.  The club is headquartered in Middletown, NY and during the spring, summer, and fall they attend events throughout Orange County, NY and have weekly meetups around the area.

Members show up to events and open their vehicles to the public, to inspect and discuss the cars, their eras if they are classic cars, and build the membership for the club.  The club works like any other club it has officers and by-laws, and members have access to certain perks for being in the club.  They have regular meetings, gatherings and participate in many local events both for charity and for exposure.

The members come from all walks of life, and range in age from 30-75 years of age.  They also come from many diverse professional backgrounds, many of the members are former or current law enforcement, first responders such as firefighters and paramedics, and some come from the trades such as pipe fitters and electricians.

They meet weekly at the Boston Market in Middletown, NY every Saturday, unless there is an organized event elsewhere.  The members are happy to talk about the vehicle they brought, tips and tricks for restoring a vehicle, and many technical details about the assembled cars and trucks.

They do not take anyone for rides, and unless it’s a parade, only the owners ride in their vehicles during official club activities.

The members are all very enthusiastic about cars, and especially Ford Mustangs, of any era, there were 60’s thru 2010’s and many other kinds of both classic muscle cars and trucks. The Mustang Club of Orange County is an eclectic collection of enthusiasts who just happen to also be passionate about cars, and the community they live in.

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