About Me

I am Josef Rivera, a writer, podcaster, blogger and reporter. Welcome to my podcast “Walking my Journey” where we will meet and talk to those everyday heroes that are everywhere. The goal of the podcast is to recognize those individuals who go out of their way for their neighbor. In times of disaster natural or otherwise, those who offer help, when they are also in the same situation, these are those “everyday heroes.”

As a writer, I have been a reporter, an editor, an instructor, a grant writer, and various other jobs writing, editing, and reviewing. I have been fortunate enough to work with others to improve their reading and writing skills, learn English as a second language or do workshops on language to both youth and adults.

I will be your host, my name is Josef Rivera, and I am United States Marine Veteran, I have worked with at-risk youth and families, I have worked as an Executive Director for non-profits, taught ESL(English as a Second Language), been an art and computer instructor for youth and Spanish language residents.  I have taught life skills for those formerly incarcerated and a few more I am probably forgetting.

I have had many occupations in my life, in many fields, and in many capacities. In that time, I have found that many had common themes. I usually worked with people, in environments where it’s been a core part of my experiences to either support, encourage, teach or otherwise help someone.

Having worked with so many groups of people, I have been able to see people who are technically at the worst point in their lives, smiling, sharing, caring for each other, through those hard times. And because of that, I wanted to find and share the stories that are not always published, the stories about that one thing, that someone did and it made all the difference in the life of someone in trouble.

We would like you to recommend those heroes you might know, nominate them, to be a guest on the show, and we can reach out to them, and get their story.

Check back, as this site is in its infancy and it will be growing!