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New Voice-Over Information Demonstrates Viability as Career Path

The voice over industry has seen tremendous growth in the last five or ten years. With Podcasting, Audiobooks, and the new technology that has given us the ability to make use of found time. Found-time can best be described as that time, you spend commuting, washing dishes, doing housework, or exercising, that you can plug… Continue reading New Voice-Over Information Demonstrates Viability as Career Path

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The Changing Face of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the New Media Age

In a time of ever-changing career paths, when careers no longer last 20-30 years, but more like 5-7 years. And when new industries are sprouting up as technology changes and the demand for both information and services takes over manufacturing and assembly-line industries of old. Information is king, and we are consuming it at ever… Continue reading The Changing Face of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the New Media Age

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Settling in in NYC

So I am settling in NYC ok. I started my internship and am working more on becoming better at social media. And now even cooler news I happen to work in the flatiron district witch is home to tumblr and about 200 other High tech and social media companies.

So I do expect to interview them and bring you more of the splendor that is NYC and my time here.

Talk to you all soon and don’t forget to leave a comment for me or if you want some pics from NYC lemme know! Peace 🙂

The Humble Tea Leaf

When you start “collecting” different loose teas, you’ll wonder where  and how to store it.

Tea’s life, quality and flavor depends on quality storage.

Tea will absorb odors, humidity and any sort of toxins in the air. Actually, that is also why I use my infused tea leaves to absorb bad odors in my fridge. Then I through them away in my compost.

Avoid these 5 tea flavors assassins


•will degrade your tea by stripping if from its natural color and of course its flavor ➞Dark place, Tea tin.


•will degrade your tea, causing decay and naturally loss of flavor, quality ➞No fridge, Sealable container.


•will degrade your tea as well, summer is approaching ➞Cool place, Away from stove, oven.


•will absorb good and bad odors, better avoid putting it near anything with strong odors (Spices, oignons…)➞Avoid spice cabinet.


•will absorb every particles in…

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I had a vision today

I was watching youtube today and as I watched a few videos, I began seeing how directly you can connect to people anywhere anytime.  Whether you are a musician, writer, poet, sage or sinner this platform has two sides, personal delivery, the facebooks, twitter, tumblr, posterous, blogger, all these are designed to give one person… Continue reading I had a vision today

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Still sorting the flow of posts and reposting automagically am still learning which way to best set things up so they can move to all the platforms I use with the least amount of intervention from me, this is not organic in any sense of the word.  I imagine a river flowing downstream and along the way there are ports for twitter, facebook,… Continue reading Still sorting the flow of posts and reposting automagically

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Playing around some more installed a few more plug ins to make spreading the word a bit easier, and also learned how to categorize the posts to make them searchable as well.  This will make things a bit easier to sort through in the future

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Windows Live Writer

Using a blog editor for a week, and this week its Live Writer, and it does seem to be ok, I am not having a lot of issues with it, and it does connect easily with WordPress.  That makes posting easier, and also makes it more convenient for me to plan, begin and work on… Continue reading Windows Live Writer

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Desktop Blogging software

Trying to keep things simple is not as easy as it looks.  I have the twitter, facebook, wordpress and tumblr accounts, now I have to find a simple way to post to them all not in a distracting browser, but in a simple editor that allows me to focus on the content I want, not… Continue reading Desktop Blogging software

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Thank You Native Winds Software

Yayyy got a response from Native Winds software, they are kind enough to allow me to place their software on a CD for a project I am doing. Here is their link They make one of the best word processors around. Thanks to them, and I hope everyone reading this pays them a visit… Continue reading Thank You Native Winds Software