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World Falun Dafa Day 2018 Parades, Persecution and Perseverance

Observed every May 13, it marks the day when Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) was first introduced to the public by Mr. Li Hongzhi. Falun Dafa is a cultivation practice that focuses on developing one's body, mind, and spirit. This spiritual practice consists of four gentle Chi Gong exercises, and a sitting meditation. Since its… Continue reading World Falun Dafa Day 2018 Parades, Persecution and Perseverance

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Opa! Greek Heritage is alive and well in Orange County, NY

Greek Festival 2018, in Orange County, NY  is an annual festival that occurs at this time every year.  The purpose of the festival is to both raise awareness and raise money for their yearly costs for certain ongoing programs for youth and families.  These Greek festivals are held around the same time all over the… Continue reading Opa! Greek Heritage is alive and well in Orange County, NY

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Enjoying the lights the nights in NYC

Every night after work I usually stay really late to either walk around or people watch at a park, so many kinds of people in New York. But the most fun comes late at night when I take the train home. So many interesting people all gathering together like some mystical funnel bringing people together… Continue reading Enjoying the lights the nights in NYC

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Walking around NYC

A gorgeous day to explore NYC today. I will be taking pictures for you as I stroll around today and many more this weekend. A lot to see and do everywhere there is hustle and bustle 24/7 non stop.

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Settling in in NYC

So I am settling in NYC ok. I started my internship and am working more on becoming better at social media. And now even cooler news I happen to work in the flatiron district witch is home to tumblr and about 200 other High tech and social media companies.

So I do expect to interview them and bring you more of the splendor that is NYC and my time here.

Talk to you all soon and don’t forget to leave a comment for me or if you want some pics from NYC lemme know! Peace 🙂

The Humble Tea Leaf

When you start “collecting” different loose teas, you’ll wonder where  and how to store it.

Tea’s life, quality and flavor depends on quality storage.

Tea will absorb odors, humidity and any sort of toxins in the air. Actually, that is also why I use my infused tea leaves to absorb bad odors in my fridge. Then I through them away in my compost.

Avoid these 5 tea flavors assassins


will degrade your tea by stripping if from its natural color and of course its flavor ➞Dark place, Tea tin.


will degrade your tea, causing decay and naturally loss of flavor, quality ➞No fridge, Sealable container.


will degrade your tea as well, summer is approaching ➞Cool place, Away from stove, oven.


will absorb good and bad odors, better avoid putting it near anything with strong odors (Spices, oignons…)➞Avoid spice cabinet.


will absorb every particles in…

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A busy few weeks

Sorry for being absent the last couple of weeks, I have been busy with school, and also refining my style as a blogger/twitter-er/facebook social media student.  I have been reading more on how to build a brand, and define/focus my interests to make my content more meaningful, to both my readers, and myself.  I find… Continue reading A busy few weeks

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I had a vision today

I was watching youtube today and as I watched a few videos, I began seeing how directly you can connect to people anywhere anytime.  Whether you are a musician, writer, poet, sage or sinner this platform has two sides, personal delivery, the facebooks, twitter, tumblr, posterous, blogger, all these are designed to give one person… Continue reading I had a vision today

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Still sorting the flow of posts and reposting automagically am still learning which way to best set things up so they can move to all the platforms I use with the least amount of intervention from me, this is not organic in any sense of the word.  I imagine a river flowing downstream and along the way there are ports for twitter, facebook,… Continue reading Still sorting the flow of posts and reposting automagically

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The Humble Prayer of a Confederate Soldier | Scott Fillmer found this poem when I was just out of bootcamp, and into my first year being a Marine.  I read this poem a lot, thinking about what it meant, took me a good few years before I started getting the gist of it.  Glad I did! The Prayer “I asked God for strength that… Continue reading The Humble Prayer of a Confederate Soldier | Scott Fillmer

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Playing around some more installed a few more plug ins to make spreading the word a bit easier, and also learned how to categorize the posts to make them searchable as well.  This will make things a bit easier to sort through in the future