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Walking around NYC

A gorgeous day to explore NYC today. I will be taking pictures for you as I stroll around today and many more this weekend. A lot to see and do everywhere there is hustle and bustle 24/7 non stop.

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Settling in in NYC

So I am settling in NYC ok. I started my internship and am working more on becoming better at social media. And now even cooler news I happen to work in the flatiron district witch is home to tumblr and about 200 other High tech and social media companies.

So I do expect to interview them and bring you more of the splendor that is NYC and my time here.

Talk to you all soon and don’t forget to leave a comment for me or if you want some pics from NYC lemme know! Peace 🙂

The Humble Tea Leaf

When you start “collecting” different loose teas, you’ll wonder where  and how to store it.

Tea’s life, quality and flavor depends on quality storage.

Tea will absorb odors, humidity and any sort of toxins in the air. Actually, that is also why I use my infused tea leaves to absorb bad odors in my fridge. Then I through them away in my compost.

Avoid these 5 tea flavors assassins


•will degrade your tea by stripping if from its natural color and of course its flavor ➞Dark place, Tea tin.


•will degrade your tea, causing decay and naturally loss of flavor, quality ➞No fridge, Sealable container.


•will degrade your tea as well, summer is approaching ➞Cool place, Away from stove, oven.


•will absorb good and bad odors, better avoid putting it near anything with strong odors (Spices, oignons…)➞Avoid spice cabinet.


•will absorb every particles in…

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Takin a bite outta the Big Apple!

Hey all, I will be spending the next few months in NYC on an internship, and I just got here, so expect alot of exciting things to come, hopefully come interviews, lots of photos, and lots to talk about, so be on the lookout, and cant wait to get busy on things.