Something to Consider

If science says it cannot prevent psychosis, and there isnt enough money to lock up the convicted criminals AND the potential criminals and nutjobs out there, then what are we to do? In the old days, the "cold War" days there was a theory about mutually assured destruction, meaning that governments made sure they had… Continue reading Something to Consider


Election Day Ahead!

Its almost time, tomorrow from beginning to end will be a day filled with prophecies, soothsayers, oracles and fools all trying to get me to pick one of two individuals to rule the land.  I am not looking forward to this, there will be many, many hours of wasted moments as their followers try to… Continue reading Election Day Ahead!

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The search for life

It's been a while since I blogged, and maybe that is a good thing. I have had some major changes in my life, and made some course corrections to it as well. I was looking for direction, got that, then I was looking for myself, found that, was very very dis-satisfied with what I got,… Continue reading The search for life

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Social media’d out

I have been working now for more than a few months attempting to learn how to be a social media person, and improve my abilities as a social media enthusiast.  But it seems that all I learned in that time, was to follow other peoples ideas and information.  I began looking for influential followers, wondering… Continue reading Social media’d out


Cramming for last Sociology exam, then 2

Cramming for last Sociology exam, then 2 weeks of semi-down time while we get the kids ready for school

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Drowning in Social Media

After a few solid weeks exploring the vast array of social media tools that are available, testing them, playing with them, everything from location based tools like foursquare, and analytics like Klout, and microblogging tools like posterous, and tumblr.  It was an interesting trip, learning about the tools, and finding out what tools work best… Continue reading Drowning in Social Media