Jenn’s Words: “Living in poverty is like being punched in the face over and over and over on a daily basis. “

social media

Social Media

Social Media may well be the next great communication tool, but we should not get LOST on analyzing its penetration into markets, or measure the ROI looking for profit, gain, or some other kind of reward.  We should learn to measure how much MANKIND has benefitted from Social Media as a tool.  I think if… Continue reading Social Media

social media

To or not to

Ok, I have been playing with an online presence for some time now, a few years, a blog here, a tumblr there, a posterous account for smaller thoughts and such.  I have been playing, working, teaching on the net for some 8 or more years and I never really got serious about building an online… Continue reading To or not to


Cramming for last Sociology exam, then 2

Cramming for last Sociology exam, then 2 weeks of semi-down time while we get the kids ready for school