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To or not to

Ok, I have been playing with an online presence for some time now, a few years, a blog here, a tumblr there, a posterous account for smaller thoughts and such.  I have been playing, working, teaching on the net for some 8 or more years and I never really got serious about building an online identity/brand because I was either too short sighted to see the bigger picture, (back in the day ohhh late 90’s and such the web was too young to see the kinds of interactions we are having with it today)

So my dilemma is simple, do I put any stock in this or any metrics that measures my impact on the larger sphere, or do I continue to focus on just building the best content and finding the best people who might be interested in it?

Let me know your thoughts on this one ppl!



One thought on “To or not to

  1. I’m with the latter but that’s just me and the intent of my blog or presence elsewhere. I’d feel differently if I was in business trying to sell or promote something. For now, I’m just having fun (or trying to) wherever I go and enjoy the interaction with others on a casual level.

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